Carolyn Smith, "The Literary Image of Daniel Boone: A Changing Heroic Ideal in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Popular Literature" (Ph.D. thesis, Department of English, University of Utah, 1974)

NOVELS featuring DB: John B. Jones, WILD WESTERN SCENES (1845); Amedee-Theodore Bouis, LE WHIP-POOR-WILL (1847); Emerson Bennett, THE RENEGADE (1848); Percy B. St. John, QUEEN OF THE WOODS (1869); Frank H. Norton, THE DAYS OF DANIEL BOONE (1883); Joseph E. Badger, THE KING OF THE WOODS (1884); Lucy C. McElroy, THE SILENT PIONEER (1902); Charles Forbes-Lindsay, DANIEL BOONE BACKWOODSMAN (1908); Daniel Henderson, BOONE OF THE WILDERNESS (1921); *Constance Skinner, BECKY LANDERS, FRONTIER WARRIOR (1926); Stewart White, THE SAGA OF ANDY BURNETT (1930); *Elizabeth Maddox Roberts, THE GREAT MEADOW (1930) [*see also her collection of poems, SONG IN THE MEADOW (1940)]; Katharine Clugston, WILDERNESS ROAD (1937); Caroline Gordon, GREEN CENTURIES (1941); Jere Wheelwright, KENTUCKY STAND (1951); *Felix Holt, DAN'L BOONE KISSED ME (1954); *Shirley Seifert, "NEVER NO MORE" (1964). (as cited in SMITH2)

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