Carolyn Smith, "The Literary Image of Daniel Boone: A Changing Heroic Ideal in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Popular Literature" (Ph.D. thesis, Department of English, University of Utah, 1974)

Boone Myth
<Hunting Barking Squirrell is highly entertaining which, in my opinion, demands a higher degree of skill than any other hunt. I first saw this kind of squirrel hunt in the neighborhood of the city of Frankfort, Kentucky. The hunter was the famous Daniel Boon. We went together along the rocky bank of the Kentucky, until we reached a level that was quite thick with black walnut and oak and hickery-nut [sic] trees. Inasmuch as the trees were bearing much fruit that year, we saw acorns growing on every tree in our view. My companion, a sturdily built, fresh and powerful man, dressed in a hunter's outfit of homespun with bare legs and fur leggins, and caried a heavy rifle that, as he said while loading it, had accompanied him on all of his earlier undertakings and even now, as he hoped, would not fail to serve him, for he was proud of showing me its skill. The barrel of the weapon was clean, the powder measured and covered over with a cloth of thick linen. The balls and the load were tamped with a ramrod made of hickory wood. We didn't move one step from our places, for the squirrels were so plentiful that we didn't need to go after them. Boon pointed to one of the animals which was observing us from where he had hidden himself on a branch about 50 paces from us. Then he gradually lifted his weapon, until the sights of the barrel were in line with the target. The report rang through the woods and from theheights with repeated echoes. You can imagine my surprise when I noticed the ball had hit a place on the bark directly under the squirrel and split it; the tremor brought forth therefrom had killed the animal, which swirled through the air, as if it were thrown by an explosion of a powder magazine. Boon continued firing and before many hours had flown, we had as many squirrels as we desired.> (Hawker's, INSTRUCTIONS TO YOUNG SPORTSMEN [London, 1814] as quoted in Franz Justus Kottenkamp, DIE ERSTEN AMERIKANER IM WESTEN: DANIEL BOONE UND SEINE GEFAHRTEN [Stuttgart: Verlag von Schmidt & Spring, 1858]:9-10, as quoted in SMITH2:32n-33n. She points out the similarity of this account to Audubon's, as recorded in Donald Culross Peattie, ed., AUDUBON'S AMERICA: THE NARRATIVES AND EXPERIENCES OF JOHN JAMES AUDUBON [Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1940]:46-47)

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