Carolyn Smith, "The Literary Image of Daniel Boone: A Changing Heroic Ideal in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Popular Literature" (Ph.D. thesis, Department of English, University of Utah, 1974)

Last Years
Old Boone
<In this territory, there are many sterling characters. Amongst others, I mention with pleasure, that brave and adventurous North Carolinian, who makes so distinguished a figure, in the history of Kentucky, the venerable Col. Boon. This respectable old man, in the eighty-fifty year of his age, resides on Salt river, up the Missouri, at the settlement I have before mentioned. He is surrounded by about forty families, who respect hims as a father, and who live under a kind of patriarchal government, ruled by his advice and example.> (Henry Marie Brackenridge, VIEWS OF LOUISIANA TOGETHER WITH A JOURNAL OF A VOYAGE UP THE MISSOURI RIVER, IN 1811 [1814; Chicago: Quadrangle Books, 1962]:117-18)

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