Carolyn Smith, "The Literary Image of Daniel Boone: A Changing Heroic Ideal in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Popular Literature" (Ph.D. thesis, Department of English, University of Utah, 1974)

Family Life
"To reassure their audience . . . several biographers [of the nineteenth century] portray Boone as a perfect family man." To Rebecca on his departure for KY, according to Daniel Bryan, THE MOUNTAIN MUSE, 2:198ff The task that separates us now awhile,/My Angel! is not self-imposed. My soul/Of late is by an ardent impulse urged,/The grand emprise to undertake; a power/From Heaven, must actuate unseen, my will:/For so determined, warm, impulsive, bold,/It never heretofore has been; and all/Its ardor to the self-same object tends. (quoted in SMITH2:38)

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