Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Boone, Jemima -- Captivity
Boone, Jemima -- Captivity
John Shane interview of John Gass, son of David Gass, ca. 1843-49: <Fanny Calloway, the younger of the 2 daus:, laid away w. her paddle on the indn: that had run into the water waist deep to pull the canoe to shore. Whether more indns: than one went into the water, or not, I do not know. My cousin, Jon Guess [sic] stripped, and swam th river after the canoe. Right where the ferry is, was where Boon then lived, and where the girls started from [in other words, not in the big fort, but in the hollow]. And they were taken, from where the rocks set in, opposite to it. Betsy Calloway had high wooden heeled shoes; the indns: just cut these off. The girls blistered their hands by turning down bushes. I saw the blisters on their little fingers, where the bushes pinched them. They told the indsn: they were tired, and did it to help them along. The indns: had an old horse along, in co:, on whh: they set the girls to ride. The horse wo'd kick up & throw them off. The indns: wo'd then get on, and show them how to ride. The indns: kept on dry, poor land; where no trail co'd be made, and the men who pursued (John McMullen, Bush, and my f. were of the Co:) said if the girls hadn't broken these bushes, they co'dn't have kept the trail at all.> 11CC11-12

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