Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Kentuck War
John Shane interview of John Gass, son of David Gass, ca. 1843-49: <It was a sign indns: were about, when the cows stood in the head of the Land, and wo'dn't go out. One morning the cows stood in the head of the land, and Danl: Boone, Capt. Billy Bush, Michael Stoner, Simeon Kenton, w. others, 15 in all, started out, determined to see if there were indns: They had gone 150 or 200 yds. from the fort, when they looked back, and (as these 3 last mentioned certified) a [word?] indns: had jumped, or did jump, over into the land. Boon cried out, boys!, we have to fight. Sell your lives as dear as possible. Bush said he fired his gun twice before he got through, and had it loaded for a 3d. shot. As they went along, he got near enough to see the white of many an endns' eye. He just made right at them. The indns: wo'd always give away. Stoner was wounded in the hipe. Bush put his arms around Stoner, and was going to help him up a hill, over from a branch like [?]. Stoner cried out as Bush was pulling him up, O push! push! dont make so big a mark. The 2 was too big a lump to shoot at. Bush stopped to load, and had put the powder in the gun, & was holding the bullit in his mouth, when he discovered some indns: loading. He sd. he just thot, what a fool he was to be standing there alone. Stoner had hobbled on a wood ways. Bush accordgly started, and the indns: fired & knocked up the gravel and dirt, so that it made his legs bleed. He wore short breeches, and had nothing on, lower down. When he got to the fort, he was asked if he was wounded. He said he co'dn't tell. His legs smarted so, he co'dn't stand still long enought to see. This was the summer before my f. came to Bnsgh:> 11CC12

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