Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Long Siege John Shane interview of John Gass, son of David Gass, ca. 1843-49, 1: <The 8th of Sept 1778, was the day the indns: came on the long attack. They treated 3 days, and then kept an incessant firing 9 days. The indns: came in 300 yards. Then Pompey came 1/2 way, & called for Boon. Boon went out & met him at the fence, as freely and readily as I wo'd go to the yard fence. They spread down a blanket, up at the head of the land, farther off from the fort. Boon sat down and they gathered round him. Every one in the fort was then sure that Boon was gone. Wm: Bailey Smith went out w. Boon the 2d time, to the indn: camp, dressed in British clothing, maccaroni-hat, w. an ostrich feather in it, &c. These said, there were still more commanders in the fort. Boon said he co'd discover, if he were went out again, he wo'd not get back. He saw it in the indns' eyes -- and so didn't go out a 3rd time.> continued 11CC12-14

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