Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Long Siege John Shane interview of John Gass, son of David Gass, ca. 1843-49, 3: <Edwd: & Bradley, Old John South, Maj. Wm. B. Smith, Danl Boon, & Squire Boon, were of those who went out. The indns: thought to draw them round the point that Blackfish was on. When they had concluded the treaty, Blackfish said he must go and let them know. He then addressed the indns. in a voice like old preacher Vardemder's. Neither Boone, nor any one else, understood what they said. He now came back to confirm the treaty. Told the whites they must not be alarmed; when they were very loving, they took as near the heart as they could. The indns. had been ambuscaded the night before and when the 1st man took hold, the signal guns fired and the others jumped to, and then the indns. poured a fire on the fort, to keep those in the fort from coming out to the rescue of those at the treaty. John South was the 1st to get away. He just pulled down his I. Danl. Boon got away the last. Squire Boon was wounded between the treaty-ground and the fort. When he started, an indn. was between him & the fort, who struck him in the back, between the shoulders, so as to leave a blood shot mark, the print of the face of the tomahawk. After this, the indns. shot of nights; and I don't believe there was one night that it didn't mist or rain. They shot arrows, w. powder in a little rag, and little punk. They set only one house on fire, the only shingle roofed house there was Col. Hendersons. (Col. H. was not there). It blazed about as big as a hat. The shingles on fire were knocked loose. WEre pinned on to wooden laths w. wooden pins. There was great firing, by the indns. till they got them off. A torch had been thrown up agt. the back door of one of the houses, one abot 1/2 way along. Capt. Holder was running fr. one of the bastions. He went in, and opened the door, and threw a bucket of water on the torch. It had blazed up as high as the top of the house, above the top of the door. Capt. Holder swore hard. Mrs. Calloway told him it wo'd be more becoming to pray than to sware. H. swore it was not time to pray then.> continued 11CC12-14

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