Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Long Siege John Shane interview of John Gass, son of David Gass, ca. 1843-49, 4: <Tice Prock, a dutchman, on the 1st day of the siege, went out & crept under a bellows, in Squire Boon's smith-shop, which was between my father's house and Squire Boone's house. Mrs. Calloway took a brush and brought him out. Py sure, said he, I was not made for a fighter -- I was not made for a fighter. Squire Boon made a couple of swivels out of black gum, & banded them with iron, before the siege. In the trying of them, the shot of the one went 200 yards, & then into the bank. The swivel bursted. The other they kept till the siege, and fired one foggy morning. The indns. knew it wasn't a gun, and hollowed for them to "fire their damned swivel" Ambrose Coffee would get up on top of the block-house. My father counselled him not to, suspecting that the inds. were going to fire. 14 bullit holes were shot thro' his clothes, and yet his skin was not broke. Suppose they all fired at him. He just fell down. They, I suppose, thought they had killed him. He lived with my father. Pompey came to the place where they had dug into the bank, and put his head up 2 or 3 times. Some of the men shot, while others, set to watch, co'd see the bullit strike the water. Wm. Collins, a 1st rate marksman, held his gun cocked and waiting; and when Pompey put his head up again, he fired. That time, no splashing in the water was seen. Pompey was not heard of any more. When inquired for, they said he was gone hunting -- or NAPPOO -- i.e. asleep. No doubt many indns. were killed. Many pools of blood were afterwards seen, at the places at which the men had shot. The indians came in Sept; the river was low. From the 2d bank they could see down into the water, but not the water's edge under the 1st bank nor under the 1st bank. They knew the indians were digging, because they could see that the water was muddy, as well as from the threats the indians made. They didn't get the means of digging about Boonsborough. They brought them with them.> continued 11CC12-14

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