Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Boone, Edward -- Death
John Shane statement of Septimus Schull, grandson of Daniel Boone, written for his children, ca. 1833: <Edward and Danl. Boone, had gone down to the Blue Licks in pursuit of game (Buffaloe) which fatted earlier and better about the Blue Licks, where they could get salt, than elsewhere. They had loaded their horses, and were on their return, when they discovered some fresh indian sign. This caused Danl. repeatedly to decline Ned's proposition to stop and unload their packs. At length they came to a spot on Grassy Lick where the indigenous blue grass sprung up pretty fresh and here it was proposed that they should stop and let their horses graze; while Ed. watched and Danl. went down the Creek, designing to be back in time to go on. The Lick was a short distance below, and Danl. thought to see if there was any thing in it; expecting to be back by the time his horses were done grazing. As he went, he met & shot a bear. A party of indians had all this while been dogging the hunters; and were as close on them that they saw them part; and then themselves also divided; those behind agreeing not to fire on Ned (the one in view) till they heard the others shoot Danl. who had turned off. Before this could be affected, Danl. had met and shot the bear; which those remaining taking as the signal, they immediately fired on Ned. Shot 7 bullets through him. Danl. fled at once. The other party set a dog upon him, but he turned & shot the dog, and thus made his escape. The cane was very thick, so that the indians could not see him 6 feet. When he shot the dog, they were within 20 steps of him. Followed its yelpings. When it was killed they soon lost him.> 11CC52

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