Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Clark Campaign 82
John D. Shane interview with William Clinkinbeard, ca: 1843-49; 2: They came & fired from the other side of the river on our hollow camp, after night. They also attacked our camp, on the side of the river it was on, one night. This white woman that we took, having been a long time among the indians. Didn't know her name, or her peoples. Looked as much like an indian for color & for dress as an indian herself. . . . When I saw Maj. Wales, he had this squaw behind, riding into Camp. Had been out & caught her. Not caught in the towns. Most splendid looking squaw I ever say. I suppose she had 1000 ornaments on her. Was all covered over with them. Had taken the frenchman with them to the Ohio river. There Clarke sent him back with word that they would give an indian prisoner for 2 whites in exchange. That old squaw said she had been a prisoner to the whites wseveral times. She had been fired on by the sentinels, 2 or 3 times, as she came in, but she kept right on. She came in right back of our tent where we lay. She was left at the towns. 'Twas said some of the men turned back & tomahawked her. When we got to the town, I went into a cabin & saw some dumpling they had been boiling, taken off, & in a tray. Warm yet smoking. I thout now I would have my belly full, but coundn't eat them. Whey wer made of corn & beans, with [word?] of meal in them, to make them stick together, & without any salt. A man wounded in that firing over the river. The river was [word?] low, & there was a [word?] way on the sand bar, in the river. Don't know of any but the 7 horses in the council house in '80, & not a horse in 1782. I think I got a steel [?], all I got. 2 men got a parcel of money up at that French store and as all were sworn to give up all they got, these sowed that money up in the pack of a saddle, & threw it in; & when it was sold -- bought it.> 11CC66

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