Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

John D. Shane interview with Major Jesse Daniel, ca. 1843; 2: <Gen. Samuel South & I have talked about those times, and he never mentioned any thing of this kind. Said he was then a boy, & carried water for them at the treaty. The treaty was in reach of the fort. Was an evidence of boldness & firmness -- showed they were not easily scared. Went out with a determination not to surrender the fort. It was rather a mark of bravery. It was the nature of Boon, however, to be fool-hardy. The men were under fear. The case was a desperate one. The indians proposed a treaty and they went out under stiupulations. They were willing to risk the getting of a treaty, and to get it thro' any means, if it could be gotten. Men under fear are willing to do any thing if there is a prospect of relief, and desperate cases produce desperate remedies. 1/2 of the men too, willing to surrender, & the other 1/2 ready to fight, and rather die. They could only suspect the treachery of the indians, and against that suspicion, as the result proved, they did well provide. What a reproach would it justly have been had they been all cut off that in desperate circumstances they refused to make a treaty, simply because a little danger was apparent. And how completely were all the hopes of the enemy of taking the fort dashed when they left the rules of regular warfare, basily & treacherously breaking an honorable compact, in defiance of honour & right, and yet were unable to injure their foe. Surely such an enemy, that needed such means, need not be dreaded, after it had resorted to them, & failed in them. And how nobly do the forters & besiegers contrast, the one discretely fearing the superior force of a powerful enemy in a distant wilderness, and yet bravely relying upon the rules of honorable warfare, and willing to trust their fortune to it; the other meanly & pusilanimously seeking treacherous methods, altho' by superiority of force, one well directed attack might have stormed the fort.> 11CC94

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