Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

John D. Shane interview with Ephraim Sowdusky, ca. 1843-49: His uncles James and Anthony Sowdusky were in KY as early as 1773. <Andrew Sowdusky was saved at the Blue Lick Defeat by Boone's son's death. He got young Boone's horse, and came off. Just as Sowdusky was starting, he heard a man begging him to take him up, for God's sake not to leave him. When he had gotten him up, and come on to Licking, just as his horse jumped down the bank, 7 bullits were fired into his clothes, and only one grained the skin. He was run down . . . and couldn't run any further. Just reached his hand out, as he walked along, and caught the bridle. The indians were in sight. Boone;s being killed, saved him. He had gone to get his horse, where he was hitched, and 2 indians were there untying him. He thot his horse had been wounded, he stood so long, when he jupmed down. When the army reached the Blue Licks, they saw 3 indians passing up the opposite bank, smoking their pipes. When the indians were seen to be encamped a council of the officers -- Trigg, Todd, & McGary, was held. Boon's opinion was asked. He asid as a private man, he could go where any man could. But as an officer, his advice was not to act. He didn't think it was prudent. McGary said, the greater the danger, the greater the glory: any man that was not a coward to follow him.> 11CC143

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