Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Kentuck War
John D. Shane interview with John Rankins, ca. 1843-49: About 1786, in Bourbon County, on the Maysville Road beyond Bryant's, near Grant's Station. John Saunders' daughter attacked and scalped while walking home. She lived a whole day afterward. That day Tim Peyton and James Starks had been to Lexington. <Peyton was a very wild, rattling, drinking sort of fellow. Had bought a fine bay horse at Lexington. Coming home, he would whoop and hallow, and ride away from Starks, out of sight, and then wait till he came up. They lived in the same neighborhood. I knew Peyton well. The last time he rode on, (was after he had crossed Daviess' fork,) Starks heard the gun fire. The Indians were gone. It was within about a mile of Grant's Station. They had hid in some low cane, about as high as a man's breast, behind a large black walnut, and as Peyton came riding along, had shot him through -- the ball entering his left side, just in front of his arm. Grazed his arm, didn't knock him off his horse. He still rode on to where was a pole bridge, about a half mile. Here his horse jumping the bridge, Peyton fell off. Starks came riding up, and enquired, "why Peyton, what are you doing?" "Ah," said Peyton, "the damned Indians have killed me at last." They had wounded him once or twice before. Starks got down and stayed with him till he died. It was a distressing time.> 11CC81-83

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