Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Kentuck War
John D. Shane interview with Samuel Treble, ca. 1840s: <Michael Stoner was at Boonesborough at the time of the attack [in 4/1777]. In the morning -- the 1st intimation was in the killing of Skiggs. He had started out to go on a hunt, & was shot Say some 6 or 7 ran out, concluding it was some straggling indian -- Michael Stoner was one of them. He recieved 2 wounds, a flesh wound in the right hip, the ball going in & out about 2 inches apart -- and a wound in the left arm, the ball passing between the bones. Mr. Haye ran to him to help him allong. Stoner called to him for God's sake to let him go, they were too big a mark: one was enough to shoot at. He then scuffled along on his well arm & let into the fort. Monk fired from the gate, when the indians pressed on, and made a hole through them: & that kept them back. Stoner had fainted from loss of blood & exhaustion; and Mima Boon was bathing him. When he had come to himself a little, he asked her what she was doind? She explained to him what had happened, & how that the indians had attacked the fort. "Ry [?] my life," said he, "my gun, my gun": and that day killed several indians while Mima ran bullets for him. Stoner was married to my oldest sister.> 12CC43

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