Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Kentuck War
John D. Shane interview with Samuel Treble, ca. 1840s; his older sister married Michael Stoner: <Michael Stoner and myself were out hunting. Stoner had an idea that I couldn't shoot. We had both gotten down & shot at some game, but he got the 1st shot & then tantalized me with offering to shoot. I determined to shoot the 1st thing I could that we met with. Stoner was an indifferent hand to shoot at a mark; I could beat him. But at game, he was the best man in Ky. Seemed to understand the motions of living animals. Stoner was apparently of a clumsy make -- but few men were really more active. We had goten down & I was loading my gun, having shot at some turkeys. Stoner shot after me, & also missed. While I was loading, he got thro' 1st and shot & killed the turkey before I got ready to fire: just as I was in the act of pulling trigger -- & before I could recall it. It was a rule in the woods never both to shoot at a time -- for fear of indians. We had gotten our load, I horsed, as much as we could ride on, & the other could carry, & were on our way back. I saw some 3 fawns & deer lying off to the right as I was going along a little piece before SToner, and I jumped down & shot one, unnoticed by him. He was very much alarmed, had turned deadly pale when I saw him, sprang down & treed in an instant, & called to me 3 times to know if I was hurt. When he found it was I that had shot & not that I was shot off from my horse, when he had gotten on a piece he asked me if I had killed it. I sd. yes, that I had seen the others run off, but it made 2 or 3 jumps only & then tumbled down in the grass. He proposed we should go back for it. I told him no, the skin was all we could get -- we had as much meat as we could carry & that wasn't worth going back after. When we lay there camped, that night, something came up towards the fire. It stamped, and then stood. Stoner's dog, would pop his nose against his master or utter a low growl, every time it stepped. I got on the dark side of the tree to watch its motions. It was a deer. Next morning I went out to a tree top, and had like to have sat down on the deer. It had been blazed by the fire, and coundn't get away, & laid down there. I learned after this, always to shoot 1st, if I got a chance.> 112CC43

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