Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Boone Captivity 2
John D. Shane interview with Josiah Collins, ca. 1840s: Came to Boonesborough as an enlisted three-month militia man while DB in captivity. <When we came to Boonesborough, March 26th, 1778, we found a poor, distressed, 1/2 naked, 1/2 starved people; daily surrounded by the savage, which made it so dangerous, the hunters were afraid to go out to get Buffaloe meat. About 80 of us in Company had come in together [margin: our pay was 40/5 per month. Col. John Donaldson (Genl. Jackson's father in law) and Col. Dillard, were of the Company. They both claimed the Capt's place. Both had listed men.] In less than 2 weeks, one of our Company, James Kelly, was killed & scalped by the Indians, about a mile from the Ft. The pressing necessity of our wants, compelled us to trespass on some fat hogs which ran about int he Fort, to the great dissatisfaction of their owners (we had nothing to pay with) which we boiled and ate without bread or salt. After that, John martin, a celebrated hunter, took some of our men, and bark canoes, & went up the Ky. & killed and laid in a quantity of Buffaloe meat, and bro't it down. We then had to barbecue the meat, to preserve it, as we had not salt. When that was exhausted, Lieut. Hutchings shot down a large steer of Col. Calloway's, one morning, for the use of the soldiers. . . . Col. C., exasperated, swore that if any man killed another head of his stock, that he would shoot him. Dapt. Davy Guess [Gass] who lived in the Ft. gave leave to go up Otter Creek & hunt up his hogs, & bring them in for provision. I was one of 6 men, that went. We killed and bro't in 5 fine ones, and likewise ate them, as we had done all the other meat, without bread or salt. In this way we lived, getting little by little (of provisions) out of the woods. . . . Part of our Company mutinized, & went in with Col. Donaldson and Mrs. Boone, before we were ordered to march to the falls [by Clark]. [margin: Donaldson gave up to Dillard {in their dispute over who was in command} & went back home.]> <Somewhere about the 1st of May, Mrs. Danl. Boone, supposing her husband dead, retired with her family from Boonesborough to Carolina, in company with Col. Donaldson, through the Wilderness.> 12CC67,64

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