Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Clark Campaign 82
John D. Shane interview with Josiah Collins, ca. 1840s; 1: <The men crossed the Ohio at the mouth of Licking . . . & went to within 4 or 5 miles of the indian towns undiscovered. . . . The whole army, consisting of nearly 1200, was then hurried on to a trot. Maj. Wells pursued into the towns, & took 8 prisoners. The indian warriors, being at that time few in number evacuated the town without the firing of a gun. The town taken possession of, was Chillicothe, on the Big Miami. Maj. McGary immediately marched with 500 men to McKee's town the indian agent. The indians there, had gotten information before he got in. A white man (John Holley, who had been taken from Boonesborough 4 or 5 years before [1778]) & a little negro boy, & plundered & destroyed the town. Maj. Morrison & Hugh Martin, being a little out, met with Mrs McFall, a white woman prisoner, riding on a horse, with a bag of taughsemenoune [sic] under her (roasting ears dried in a dettle so that they can get it off of the cobs -- put it in water, boil it, as good as roasting ears) & 2 squaws walking. The ladies (we may call them) were frightened at the sight of the white men. She rode off. Morrison shot & creesed [sic] the horse, & she was thrown & Morrison took her, & brot her back on the horse with the corn. Martin pursued & caught one of the squaws, & the other one escaped into the swamp.> 12CC71 continued

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