Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

John D. Shane interview with Josiah Collins, ca. 1840s: Andrew Johnson -- Pequolly. <His adopted father came to Ky. to steal horses, and in his father's absence, he & his indian brother had a fight. He proving too strong, put the family all in fear of him. When his father returned the 1st that was told him was that Pequolly had fought his brother. His father gave him a great reprimand for fighting his brother in his absence, & threatened to sell him for his bad behaviour. That night was to be a great war dance, the warriors haveing returned home. His father to punish him, told him to go to bed with the children. He shouldn't go to the dance. Pequolly went to his bed as ordered, but some time after, rose up and went out to the dance. His father asked him what business he had there. He replied he wanted to dance. His father told him to take a dance, go hom, and not to come back. He did so, took his father's gun, tomahawk, knife, powder, and lead, blanket coat, &c. & escaped, rafter the Ohio, & came safe into Harrodsburg. Staid there about 2 weeks, took 4 men with him, went back on an expedition to Chillicothe, and about 10 miles on this side, they heard bells open late in the evening near them. They secreted themselves till some time int he night, caught the indian horses & tied them, then crept up near the indian camp, fired in on them and killed 2. Capt. Blackfish being one of the indian party, cried out huy! huy! Shawanese, we are Shawnees, but as Pequolly's company kept up the fire, Blackfish & his men made their escape, went into Chillicothe, & tells Boone the circumstances, & he suspected it was some other tribe of Indians that had come on them to war, raised what indian men they could & returned back to the camp, found 2 indians dead & the horses gone, returned home and told Boone that he could not tell who had done it.> A few Indians returning from Kentucky saw Pequolly and his men passing south and brought that news to Blackfish. <The returned & tells Boone that P. was a little man, but a great rogue.> 12CC76

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