Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Logan Campaign 86
Statement of William Sudduth, 11/1840: <I went as a volunteer. We crossed the river where Maysville now is, and proceeded on to the towns. The night before we reached the towns, one of our men deserted & apprised the indians of our approach. We started about midnight & arrived at the 1st towns; Elliott's town, & Machachack, about 12 O'clock the next day. The indians had not dispersed, & we charged on them without any line of battle being formed, and I think in 20 minutes after we 1st saw the town, no one capt. had 20 of his own men with him. The indians ran in every direction to endeavor to make their escape. We took upwards of 30 prisoners. All but 3 were women & children. And killed a few warriors. We took 3 men. The Shawnee king, an old man by the name of Moluntha, was taken & bro't to where the prisoners were collected, and instantly knocked in the head by Major Hugh McGary. A young warrior was taken & put under guard, & murdered by some of McGary's party the next evening. And a French trader was taken, & brot in after the prisoners were secured.> The ride to at least two other towns and destroy them. <Col. Daniel Boone & Simon Kenton were on this campaign.> 12CC83

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