Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Family Life
Kentuck Explore 2
Boone, Rebecca Bryan
Boone, Susannah
John D. Shane interview with Josiah Collins, ca. 1840s; came to Boonesborough in 3/1778 while DB in captivity: <It was while Boone was in Ky. 2 years, alone, and had sent back Squire B., his brother, after horses & more ammunition, that his wife got in that way. When he went home in 1771, there was a child in the cradle. When he came, & she met him, she cried for shame I suppose. Daniel wanted to know what she cried for. She pointed to the cradle. He knew it couldnt be his, for he hadn't seen her for 2 years. Oh well! says he, whose is it. Why its brother Squire's. Well, says he, one of the name is all the same; & so hushed her up. Daniel Boone's wife was a Bryant. She was a sister of Mr. Bryant the 1st settler of Bryant's Station. When Mrs. Danl. Boone went in, in 1778, Squire Boone & his family, were here at Boonesborough. She then left him, she said, because she thought the indians would kill him. He would never get back. In that case she wanted to be with her father and family. <When Hays came to Boone for his daughter, B. told him it would not suit, she would [blanked out] him. [?] Hays wavered all apprehensions, and they were married. The thing was realized. Hays came & complained to Boone. B. replied, didn't I tell you she would [blanked out] you. Trot father, trot mother, how could you expect a pacing colt. [Shane comment: When I expressed to Mr. Collins my surprise at Boone's injustice to himself in this remark, he reminded me that B. was raised in the backwoods of Carolina, that those times were very different from these, and that such things then were not what they now would be.] Susan when I saw her at Boonesborough, was a clever, pretty, well behaved woman. These were stories that were in circulation, & not any thing that I saw. [Shane comment: And yet Mr. C. would not deny but he believed them true.] Daniel Boone was a backwoodsman, a hunter, & a warrior; and these were the points in which his Yar [? or Xar? character] shows to advantage. Yet he was a remarkagbly pleasant, good-natured, mannerly man, for his education; as much so as any one I ever saw.> 12CC97

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