Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

John D. Shane interview with John Hanks, ca. 1840s: Blue Jacket Hanks, with several other men, pursuing Indians who had stolen horses near Stroud's Station. They came upon a rear party, cornered one man, Blue Jacket. <I was just about to shoot him, when Hood . . . knowkced my gun up, saying, you will kill some of our men: and Blue Jacket ran right into my arms, having 1st thrown away his weapons. Our James Baize, who had formerly been a prisoner among the indians, came up and hit him with the britch of his gun over the eye, so that it raised a great lump as big as your fist. The knocked 6 rings out of his ear, which I picked up and kept. Blue Jacket begged, said he didn't want to kill any body, he only wanted to steal a horse. . . . Instead of killing him there, after eating our mess, he was set on a horse, and piloted us to Maysville that night. If we gave him any thing at the mess, he would always take it and say Col. Boone had given him such meat or tobacco. Boon's son and he had gone out over the Ohio from Limestone often the summer before, to hunt deer. I staid in another house that night, but went out in the night, and Frank Jones of the Cross plains, who was half drunk, had Blue Jacket on his knee[s]. [?] Next 2d or 3d night we stopped at Scouce's Station up on Hinkston. That night we were all drinking. Stephen Biles was placed sentry. A log chain had been put up on Blue Jacket, but Biles, who too had been drinking, got to nodding, and Blue Jacket discovering it, slipped the log chain, and made his escape.> 12CC141

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