Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

John D. Shane interview with Thomas Jones, ca. 1840s: Pursuing Indians who stole horses near Strode's Station in 1788; come upon several, capture one, Blue Jacket. <As soon as taken, he pointed towards Maysville, and called Boone! Boone! We got all our horses, and some strays they had picked up, making about 15. We then made Blue-Jacket our pilot, with strict injuctions to take us direct, and proceeded that night to Maysville, where we put him under charge of Daniel Boone, who lived there for several years, for the night; we being weary, and needing rest. Blue-Jacket got away from us before we got home. He had been put in a new cabin, and it was thought was quite secure. But a knife happening to be sticking in the logs near him, he worked around till he got it, and cut the rope with which he was bound, & cleared out just about day. A young man who afterwards came away, was at the [Shawnee] towns at the time Blue Jacket arrived, and said he came naked and greatly torn & bruised by the bushes. He had lost his leggings & match-coat, passing through the bushes. The leggings were found by some who pursued after him. Blue Jacked called the young men together & told them never to go there any more to steal horses, for they would be sure to catch them.> 12CC233

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