Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

4/15/1779 Association of the settlers for making a crop of corn: <Whereas, we the subscribers being willing and desirious of making a crop of corn at the station of Boonsborough, on the Kentucky, do think it essentially necessary for our own safety and the public good, to enter into rules that may be obligatory on each subscriber, and are as follows: <1st. That three men (to wit) Nathaniel Hart, George Madden, and Robert Cartwright, be and are hereby appointed as overseers or directors to said company. <2d. That every subscriber shall immediately enrole [sic] his name on a list prepared for that purpose, and shall every morning appear at the beat of the drum or some other notice given, and receive such orders as the overseers or directors shall think convenient to give. <3d. That if any man refuse or neglect to perform such tours of duty as shall be assigned him by the overseers or directors he shall be erased out of the list, and shall forfeit all pretensions to any claim in such crop. <4th. That every morning two or more men be sent out as spies, to range round the grounds and fields to be cultivated by us, and that such number as shall be thought necessary be stationed as a guard, the whole day, or to be relieved by others as occasion requires. <5th. That no man be allowed to absent himself from the company on any pretence whatsoever, either hunting horses or provisions, or any other occasion, without leave of the overseers first had. <6th. That the managers or overseers shall have full power and authority to determine all unforseen disputes whatsoever, and that the subscribers shall be obliged to abide thereby. In testimony whereof, we have hereunto set out hands this 15th of April, 1779.> Signed by: Nathaniel Hart, George Madden, Robert Cartwright, Nicholas Anderson, Edward Williams, Jesse Peake, William Hall, Edward Hall, Thomas Hall, William Johnson, John Harper, John Kelley, Beal Kelley, Benjamin White, Peter Harper, Whitson George, Jesse Oldham, John Cartwright, James Anthony. Printed in LOUISVILLE NEWS-LETTER, 7/18/1840 1CC206-207

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