Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Kentucky Burial
Unidentified newsclipping, ca. 1844: <THE GRAVE OF DANIEL BOONE -- The St. Louis NEW ERA, in the course of a sensible article, suggesting to the people of Kentucky and Missouri the propriety of erecting a monument over the remains of Daniel Boone, says: "The celebrated pioneer, after a life of incredible hardships, and innumerable perilous adventures, died in the year 1824 [sic], near the old Charette village, in what is now Warren county, and was buried about a mile from the town of Marthasville. His wife, the first white woman who entered Kentucky, is buried by his side. Several of the old settlers of Missouri are buried at the same spot, and the grave yard has grown over with a thicket of briars several feet high and almost inpenetrable. The traveller passes by the spot, and never knows that THERE lies buried one of the most wonderful men that has existed in our country. For many years there was not even a tomb-stone to mark the grave; but a few years ago a very aged settler of St. Charles county, named Jonathan Bryan, with his own hands cut out a rough tomb-stone, about two feet high, and placed it at the head of the grave of Daniel Boone, and that is the only monument that has ever been erected to his memory.> 28CC57

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