Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Kentucky Burial
<BOONE MONUMENT -- In May and June last, the committee to solicit funds for the erection of a monument to the memory of the Kentucky Pioneer, Daniel Boone, and wife, over their graves in the Frankfort Cemetery, addressed circular letters to every justice of the peace, and county court clerk in the State, and to a number of private individuals, respectfully asking them to solicit, or appoint agents in their respective counties to solicit contributions in small sums to effect that patriotic object. As yet there has not been a single response, and we are requested by the committee, to call the attention of those addressed to the subject, and to solicit an early reply. It can hardly be believed that nothing has been done.> Copied from the Franfort KENTUCKY YEOMAN in the WEEKLY JOURNAL, 9/8/1848 clipping in 29CC125

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