Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Kentucky Burial
<This imposing ceremony took place in the presence of a concourse of people whose numbers have been variously estimated at from fifteen to twenty thousand. . . . It seemed as if the valley of Frankfort could scarcely afford space to form them into line, and indeed this was only effected by commencing at the extreme verge of the city, throwing and doubling the files into close order and taking the advantage of occupying several streets in the march. To the beholder this vast mass of men, women, and children, moving in solemn procession to the sound of the dead march was imposing indeed, but it faded almost into nothing when the head of the columns came in view of the Cemetery Hill. All at once it seemed as if by the wand of a magician the very stones of the craggy precipices had been turned into human beings. There they stood, the young and the old, the beautiful female, the smiling infant, every age, sex, and condition, rising rank upon rank on that towering amphitheatre. . . . After the ceremonies were over, the coffins were lowered into the graves, and the pall-bearers threw some earth over the remains. It was then that the multitude pressed forward to take part in this office, and hundreds and hundreds assisted in filling up the graves.> Frankfort COMMONWEALTH copied in WEEKLY JOURNAL 9/17/1845, clipping in 30CC4-5

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