Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Kentucky Burial
<As we predicted last week, thousands attended the funeral ceremonies upon the occasion of the burial of Daniel Boone and Wife, on Saturday last. Never have we seen such a concourse of people in Frankfort, and rarely have we seen so many congregated together at any place. The town had been more that usually full all the week, but on Friday strangers began to arrive who come to attend the funeral only. They continued coming in nearly all night, and in the morning of Saturday by early dawn the roads were full of people. By 10 o'clock every street in town seemed more or less alive with the passers to and fro, and Main street was so densely filled that a vehicle of any kind could hardly pass along. At that hour a signal gun for the procession to form was fired and each section . . . repaired to its respective position, and was formed in the order here laid down.> Pall bearers: Col. Richard M. Johnson, Gen. James Taylor, Gen. James Ward, Gen. Robert B. McAfee, Gen. Peter Jordan, Waller Bullock, Capt. Thomas Joyse, Mr. Landon Sneed, Col. John Johnson, Maj. Z. Williams, Col. William L. Boone. <When part of [the procession] was at the grave almost a mile from town by the meanderings of the road, a part was still in town, while thousands found their way to the Cemetery grounds by various routes. Arrived at the grave, the company was brought together in a beautiful hollow near the grave, ascending from the centre on every side and enabling all present to see each other as if in a vast amphitheatre. Here the funeral services took place. . . . The coffins were then lowered into the graves and covered over, from whence they will never be removed.> Frankfort KENTUCKY YEOMAN, 9/18/1845. 26CC54

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