Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Deposition of Benjamin A. Cooper, 11/9/1838: <I was Lieutenant in Capt. Scott's company in Kentucky, and was in the battle of the Blue Licks, and was of Col. Trigg's regiment. I was married to a relation of Col. Daniel Boone, and was intimate with him. I knew Levi Todd, a Major in command that day, having been in several battles with him. I knew Col. John Todd, who commanded in chief, and knew generally all the officers in the engagement. I jointed the Fayette troops at Bryant's Station the day the Indians left there, and the troops then collected, and marched in pursuit of the Indians towards the Blue Licks. I was with Col. Boone when he, by counting the Indian fires, concluded there were at least 500 Indians. When the troops came near the Indians, at the Blue Licks, there was a general council of officers held, at which I was present, and I knew the officers were of opinion and had decided not to fight the battle -- that they were too weak and the enemy too strong. I knew the opinion of Col. Joh Todd and Major Levi Todd, to have concurred in that opinion, for I conversed with Levi Todd in the council, and had just before requested him to speak to his brother, Col. John Todd, and inform him, as he commanded, of the desperate state of our troops contending against so much odds, and I heard distinctly Col. John Todd's opinion. Levi Todd's and Daniel Boone's to the same effect. The action was forced upon us by the act of Major Hugh Magurey [McGary], who broke from the council, and called upon the troops who were not cowards to follow him, and thus collecting a band, went without order, and against orders, into the action, and in consequence of this act a general pursuit of officers and men took place, more to save the desperate men that followed Magary [McGary] than from a hope of a successful fight with the Indians.> Unidentified news clipping, copied from the St. Louis NEW ERA, 11/6/1845 in 26CC55

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