Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Wilderness Road
Deposition of William Cocke, ca. 1799, 1: <In the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy five the said Richard Henderson and Company purchased a Large tract of Country of the Cherokee Indians on the waters of Kentucky, Cumberland and Tennessee and imployed your orator to inlist or hire men to assist in Clearing a road and finding provisions for the said workmen while they were imployed in Cutting a road from a place called the Block house to Martain's Station in Powels Valley and your orator doth expressely charge that he imployed a number of men to assist in Cutting the said road and worked himself and found two negro fellows who worked on said road untill Richard Henderson one of the Company and chief director of the Companies concerns over took your orator & Samuel Henderson who had been imployed as aforesaid together with a number of men in the said Hendersons imploy and to whom your orator had furnished provisions for at the special instance & request of the said Richard Henderson who being in [torn] that the way to Kentucky [torn] intolerable that it would be with great difficulty that waggons could be taken to Kentuck who then directed the waggons to be unloaded and the Horses pact & the said Richard Henderson, Nathaniel Hart, John Luttrell & your orator and a number of men as well as your orator recollects to the number of about forty or fifty then set out for the purpose of setteling the Kentucky Country and was met near Cumberland Gap by a Number of wounded men among which was two of the name of Imman the said Henderson Seemed much dispirited and Seeing that all the men who had gone on before them as your Orator believes being about three hundred had fled except Daniel Boon and a party of about fifteen who Stayed to take care of the wounded and on being informed that William Twitty & a number of others was killed & fear full lest Boon & the men with him should abandon the Country made your orator an offer of twenty [sic] thousand acres of Land to be taken by your orator in any part of the said Companies purchase that he might Choose provided that your orator would go forward from Cumberland River to Kentucky River and prevail on Boon & the men that was with him to make a stand untill the said Richard and the men that was with him Could Join the men that was with the wounded on Kentuck River> continued

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