Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Wilderness Road
Deposition of William Cocke, ca. 1799, 2: <your orator consented to go for ten Thousand acres of Choice Land provided he the said Henderson Could get any person to go in C[ompany] with your Orator & the said [Henderson] made offers through out his camp Then being at Cumberland River of ten thousand acres of Land to any person who would go with your orator to Boons Camp on Kentuck river since called Boons Borough about a hundred miles distance where the wounded men lay but no person would consent to go except your orator who was partly induced as well by the tears of said Henderson as the reward which he offered of ten thousand acres of Land which he promised to give unto your orator the said Henderson then sheding tears in presence of your orator and saying that himself and company wa ruined if they did not succeed in making a settlement in the Kentuck Country and your orator doth expressly charge that he set out from Cumberland River by himself and performed the service which he had undertaken for the said Company and that the said Henderson when he joined Boons Company expressed himself to be much obliged to your orator for the service he had rendered to himself and Company and said your orator should have the Land he had promised him and the said Henderson for himself and Company promised to your orator that he should also have five thousand acre of Land for the service he had rendered the work which himself and hands had done in Clearing the road at twenty shillings sterling money or the Value thereof for each Hundred acres to be paid for in the provisions which your orator furnished the said Company and the labour of his negroes and the sald of a servant man Named Joseph Leach which your orator purchased of Andrew Green and let the said [John Lu]tterell have.> The nature of this complaint, of course, is that he never received a single acre of either of these promised grants. Mss copy, 2CC1

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