Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Filson, John
An unsigned mss on Matthias Denman says that MD was from New Jersey, knew Symmes, and had made an agreement with him to purchase some of his grant in southern Ohio; traveled there, picked his lands, then went to Lexington, where he met Robert Patterson and John Filson, convincing them to participate with him. At that point, the advertisement was inserted in the KENTUCKY GAZETTE. On 9/10/1788 they met at the site of Cincinnati <to survey and plat a town thereon, which was done and it received the rather quaint & pedantic name (given to it by Filson) of Losantiville.> <The Party then felled a large yellow poplar at [the] mouth of mill creek and made a handsome "perogue" or large canoe, in which they ascended the big miami as far as the plumb orchard now Hamilton. While feasting on the wild plumbs, Filson strayed away from the rest and is supposed to have been killed by the Indians as he was never afterwards heard of, though tradition speaks of the skeleton of a white man having been found on the supposed place of his murder long afterwards. His proprietary right in Losantiville reverted to Denman and Patterson who sold it to Israel Ludlow.> 8CC9

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