Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Boone Captivity 2
Kentuck War
William Whitley, Narrative of a Kentucky pioneer, written ca. 1810: Indians stole the settlers horses. <From the time of my horses being taken I had to carry all my meat upon my back from the woods to the station. In the spring 1778 a certain And. Johnson that was taken by Shawnees with Boone & had ran off from them & came in the first man that gave us Information of the distance of their Towns. As I was tired of the calling, to wit, packing & the Saw [?] of retalliation [sic] was sweet And agreeable took it in Mind to go to there towns for horses (I think about may or June 1778). I started in Company with Nehemiah Pore we went on to Harodsburg & was joined by Jno Hoggin, Jno Sovens [?], Saml. Pickings, & And. Johnson. . . . We then crosssed the Ohio upon Rafts, about 14 Miles from the Ohio we fell upon the sign of some Indians, about 3 oclock PM we came to their camp they had just left; we dogg'd them on about one hour by sun we came in hearing of them we went down that night & view there camps & found their number too great to attack them upon Equal Footing. I concluded to lay by untill Just before day and take them by surprise but in the course of the night we were challenged by their Dogs. An old fellow calld the long King got up & set them on Which forcd us to fire We killed two & wounded two & killd a dog there was 25 Indians we got Seven Horses & them of a good Quallity [sic] Then we Returned hom after a Journey of 14 days The name of the Long King & the number of Indians we got from Boon who was then a prisoner with them.> Later discussing another similar raid he says, <We were all painted like & drest like Indians.> 9CC26-

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