Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Kentuck War
Bowman campaign, 1779 William Whitley, Narrative of a Kentucky pioneer, written ca. 1810: He raised a company, met Bowman at the mouth of Licking. Had, altogether, about 300 men. He was appointed a "pilot." <We went on to the Towns Without ever being Discovered We surounded the Town & In going a round there was an Indian was in the fields I suppose to keep out the stock and discovered us as he made to the Towns he was shot by Hugh Ross & Killd he gave several screams with which the Warriers came out & the whites Fired on them which commencd the action on both sides We fired on both sides all night by Intervals Untill day light Then the firing becam General from all Quartes. We soon got possession of one half of the Towns an Old negro woman came out and informd Col. Bowman that Simon Girty was within a few Miles with 500 Warriers. Upon this Information Bowman Ordered a retreat. We lost 9 men & 2 wounded. Those killd was Elish Bilty [?] & John Moore & seven others. George Clark my bro in law John [Samuel?] Porter wounded we Burnt half the Town Took a great Quantity of plunder & about 300 horses There was nine Indians killd amonst whom was the Commander the Blackfish. That same day we were attacked by the Savages again, & we killd one within about 7 or Eight miles of the Towns Nothing more particular we marched 2 days & nights without sleep & part of the 3d night. We returned home -- a short Expedition.> 9CC33

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