Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Boone Manuscripts
BOONEMSS to Col. Richard Henderson, 4/1/1775: <April the first, 1775. <Dear Colonel, <After my compliments to you, I shall acquaint you of our misfortune. On March the 25th, a party of Indians fired on my company about half an hour before day, and killed Mr. Twitty and his negro, and wounded Mr. Walker very deeply but I hope he will recover. On March the 28th, as we were hunting for provisions, we found Samuel Tate's son, who gave us an account that the Indians fired on their camp [Draper: "Perpahs on Tate's Creek, between Silver Creek and Boonesborough, and so named in consequence of this attack on Tate's camp upon its waters."] on the 27th day. My brother and I went down and found two men killed and SCULPED, Thomas McDowell and Jeremiah McFeeters. I have sent a man down to all the lower companies [Draper: "These companies were doubtless Harrod's at Harrodstown and Boiling Spring, the McAfees on Salt River, and perhaps McClelland's at the Royal Spring on Elkhorn, and Hinkson's on Licking.] in order to gather them all to the mouth of Otter Creek. My advice to you Sir, is, to come or send as soon as possible. Your company is desired greatly, for the people are very uneasy, but are willing to stay and venture their lives with you; and now is the time to FLUSTERATE their [the Indians?] intentions, and keep the country whilst we are in it. If we give way to them now, it will ever be the case. <This day we start from the battle ground, for the mouth of Otter Creek, where we shall immediately erect a fort, which will be done before you can come or send; then we can send ten men to meet you, if you send for them. <I am, Sir, your most obedient, <Daniel Boone. <N.B. -- We stood on the ground and guarded our baggage till day, and lost nothing. We have about fifteen miles to CANTUCK, at Otter Creek.> 3B179-80 and 17CC166-167; another copy in BOONENTS, COLLINS

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