Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

John Floyd to William Preston, Beargrass KY, 11/26/1779: <I arrived here the 8th inst. with all my family and stock, safe and hearty. I have this day got a fine cabbin raised, and hope in a few days to have a shelter something better than a tent which we have laid in almost ten weeks. I should not have been quite so tedious in building, but the first tree Bob cut down on the place lodged and slipped back on the stump and tore off his right foot, or at least all the skin and flesh from his ancle [sic] down. I have nothing to dress it, and am persuaded it must rot off what is left. I have no view now but to grub and maul, which I think I can do with the greatest cheerfulness on so fine a tract of land. Had I not better take the six negroes for Woodstock to work this? I am writing by fire light and I fear you cannot read it. The commissioners are sitting at the falls; when I hear how they settle preemptions I shall try to purchase for Capt. Madison. I have no bread provided yet, but I hope to get some corn from Boonsborough by water. It cant be bought here for 50 dollars per bushel. I have the greatest plenty of meat. Salt 200 dollars or 10 days work. L300 was given for Knox's 1400 acres on this Creek, which he claimed by settlement &c. and the land really poor. Popular Grove pleases me as well as before. Many are the cabins on it, and I found 11 on mine. . . . The falls is sickly, and the land act drives them off by hundreds. I have had no time to attend the commissioners here. . . . I am in a dangerous situation -- only five men, and the Indians killed or took a man from Bullitt's Lick and wounded another since I came here. My company all disappointed me in coming out, but I have no doubt of settlers enough from the falls as many are preparing to join me here.> 17CC186-187

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