Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Comments of Nathaniel Hart [Jr.], a boy at Boonesborough in the 1780s, to John D. Shane: <Col. Harrod was not a religious man. He sometimes got to drinking and gambling, and in these spells would sometimes lose large amounts. Old Jno. Reed, Judge Green's grandfather, won L600 from him in one night, by what was called the "3 plot one." There was a suit about it. . . . Col. Harrod was unable to write, perhaps not able to read.> Hart told an anecdote in which Harrod pretended to read a letter, but held it upside down. Harrod, like most of his men, came to KY a bachelor; in 1779 he married a widow woman, Mr. McDaniel, whose father, husband, and brother, had been killed by the Indians. They had one child, a red-head, <which was imputed to a Mahon and not to Col. Harrod. Indeed, this was acknowledged by Mrs. Harrod. Col. Harrod gave Mahon 200 acres of land, in which Mrs. Harrod afterwards calimed her dower, which was thought rascally, after her acknowledgement of their intercourse.> 17CC192

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