Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Logan Campaign 86
Treaty of 1787 Col. Logan's reply to the speech of Captain Johnny, 1: <I now speak to the head warriors and chiefs of the Snawane nation. Friends and Brothers. I hope we have met here in peace -- and in the first place; to consider the tedious and bloody war we have been engaged in with each other. You may well remember, that ten years ago, we were all governed by one king, over the great waters. But it hath so happened, that our farher the king, and the great men of Congress of the United States, commenced a war, as your father the king engaged you on his part, and the Congress engaged us on their part. And you and us living nearly in one country, it hath been our fortune to attack each other, and have spilt much blood in our land, many of our people have fell into your hands, and some of your people have fell into our hands. <Brothers. You may see plainly, how your father over the water, that engaged you in so long and bloody a war, hath treated you that altho' you lost many brave warriors, yet when he got beat by the great men of the United States, he made a peace, and gave your country away, & said nothing about you, but left you to the discretion of the Americans, to treat you as they pleased. <Brothers. You, and all the red people may plainly see, when your father & all his forces, together with all your, could not comquer the Americans, that it will be in vain for you (the red people) to continue a war yourselves alone, it is true, you may kill a few old man and old women, in idfferent parts of the country, but this will do you no service, but harm; for we then can go to all the towns in your country, and destroy all your living. <Brothers. Let us not think of those bloody designs any longer, let us live at peace and prevent your old father the king from laughing at us, when we are fighting & destroying one another, and think he will get our country for his own people.> continued

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