Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Filson, John
Announcement of his new academy, 1/19/1788: <The public has been informed that a Seminary is proposed in Lexington. In a consultation of the respectable inhabitants upon that subject, there appeared a proper spirit of encouragement: every gentleman present was suitably impressed with the importance of the plan, and seriously wished the accomplishment. Many valuable advantages will probably arise from this institution, as the situation will be popular & healthy, in the center of a fertile country, where accommodations for students may be had at the lowest rates. The teachers are determined to pay the strictest attention to their pupils, and hope their success will merit encouragement. With the discipline of northern teachers, to suppress every species of vice and immorality, and give the greatest encouragement to the spirit & practice of virtue; party spirit wil be exploded, and to instruct in the general system of Christianity only, considered as their indispensible duty.> Some might think the country a better place for a school, but there are good arguments for the city: <this is obvious from a view of a country student walking out of school, he carelessly hulks his body along in clownish gestures, pays no respect to a genteel movement, from a consciousness that no eye beholds him, fears not the contempt or ridicule which must be consequent upon such a conduct in a respectable town.> KENTUCKY GAZETTE 1/19/1788 18CC130-132

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