Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series CC, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Clark Campaign 80
John D. Shane interview with William Clinkinbeard, ca: 1843-49, 2: <Had to cross a little prairie before we came to the 2d town (Pickaway, on Mad river) little better than 1/4 mile from the town. I was pioneer to cut a road for the cannon, that day. When they got in sight of P. they divided. Clarke ordered Logan to surround the town, in order that if any were there, they might not escape. There was another town right up in the forks of Mad river. This town was below the forks. Logan included the upper town in his circuit, & so never got to us till it was all over. While we went thro' that prairie, the indians fired upon us from their cabins. Could see them come out of their cabins as unconcerned as I would go out of my door, and shoot. Held their guns too high. Could hear them biz! biz! over us. Clark had 2 cannona. He met us at the woods. The Battle lasted about 2 hours. The indians than gave way. We never found 1 of their dead. We killed a white-man dressed fine in indian dress. Cousin to Genl. Clark. Had been wounded, & was making his way in to our camp, and was shot. Had gone to live with the indians; when, I don't know. We lost 12 men, & had some wounded. Buried our dead in the cabins, & burnt the cabins over them. Heard afterwards that the indians dug them all up. All was as one town, called the P[ickaway] town. I reckon there were 3 columns of us that went out about a mile from the P. town the 1st night, & lay without fire all night. If the indians came on the camp, we were to attack them on their rear. But the inaidns never came back after we drove them from that thicket. We couldn't pack roasting ears, & we had no provision to pack, & so we couldn't go farther; & had to return. Returned the way we had come: Reckon we had a 1000 men. . . . We crossed on Clark's boats. No plunder in 1780 but the horses. We couldn't carry their skins & furs, & so burned them up. We went there in a mighty hurry. Travelled nearly all night the last night, without any fire, & next morning got to the Old Chillicothe town by 10 o'clock. They never built up the Old Chillicothe or Pickaway towns again.> 11CC66

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