Jn. Borryer to Lewis Cass, Unknown Date

Green Bay Agency
United States
Cass, Lewis
Governor Cass
Jn. Borryer
Lewis Cass
Green Bay Area.

Borryer has seen most of the principle chiefs in this quarter. Appear to be disposed and pleased there. The Winnebagos were supposed to be building of a Fort, but after a few talks with their chiefs they left him and were well satisfied. Wanted medals, armbands, and small flats to arrive quickly. He took the Indians Briskish medals promising to replace them with United States ones. So, they chiefs who gave up their medals gave away, but have not yet received what is promised. He wants to pay them back as soon as possible.

The goods have gone to Chicago, and he has only received a few articles from the agency, and they were missing an invoice or letter. He has asked the Secretary of war to forward the Medals to him in the spring.

Riley conducted himself poorly. He was drunk for tent o twelve days without calling Borryer for his pay. The public owes him $40 and Borryer will pay on his forwarding of double receipts for this amount

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