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“Terror in Chinatown,” The San Francisco Call, January 26, 1897, p. 5

Chinese society
little pete

Little Pete is dead. The rivalry between the See Yups and the Sam Yups is at its height. Due to the increase of violence since Little Pete’s death, Sergeant Pierce marched into Chinatown with six other men to help keep peace. Sergeant Pierce and his men stuck out like sore thumbs or as the article states >Peacocks< in their brightly coloured uniforms. The two groups >do not fear the police, because the Chief has been sued by many Chinese for destroying property in the past< and will struggle to implement peace when there are fines still due to the community. It is believed by Sergeant Pierce that >there will be serious trouble within a few days after the funeral of “Little Pete”.< It is suspected that is the the See Yups will seek revenge on the Sam Yups. The difference between these two group is a >bitter class hatred< that will not be settled in their opinion until Big Jim is killed, the revenge of Little Pete.

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