Digitizing Daniel Boone

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Draper Manuscripts: Daniel Boone Papers, 1760-1911, Series B, Wisconsin Historical Society (Madison, Wisconsin)

Boone, Nathan
Testimonial <The facts and papers I have furnished to Mr. Lyman C. Draper, now of Madison, Wisconsin, together with many others of an authentic character obtained by him from other aged members of the family, & from surviving companions of my father, the late Col. Daniel Boone, should give to his work on my father the merit it justly deserves, of being the only reliable one extant. From my own personal knowledge of Mr. Draper, and the unusual pains I know he has taken to acquaint himself of the real facts of my father's life, his motives, habits & characteristics, sifting out and discarding not a few erroneous and apochryphal stories, I hope his work, prepared with so much care and faithfulness, and which alone will hand down to posterity any thing like a correct view of my father's public and private career, will meet with a kind reception by all who regard the truth and justice of history generally, and the toils and privations especially of those who, under God, were humbly instrumental in effecting the early settlement of Kentucky and the West. This is alike due to the memory and services of my worthy father, and the untiring zeal and efforts of Mr. Draper for the past fifteen years in the collection of facts, to record his name and actions, in their true light and just prop[ortions?] on the pages of our border history. Wishing for this work that success which I honestly feel that it merits [and] eminently deserve[s], I remain, very respectfully, Nathan Boone. Green County, Mo., Sept. 1853.> 1B14

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