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n/a. [large advertisements on right column], EPH 12/04/1896, page 2

Advertisement -- Clothing
Advertisement -- Image
Advertisement -- Regional
Advertisement -- Restaurants
Advertisement -- Retail
Page, J. W.
Wo, Bob Chin
Wall Paper, Paints and Glass -- J. W. Page; simple ad, very minimal wording, takes up lots of room.

Washington Dining Room -- advertises <French Cooks and White Waiters> with 35c meals. Open both day and night. Simple ad.

American Kitchen, First Class Restaurant -- only states address and that Bob Chin Wo is the proprietor.

Emerson & Berrien, Undertakers -- gives address, phone number and a sketch of a horse drawn carriage

El Paso Planning Mill -- Contracting and building ad, provides specifics on what one can order (includes doors and blinds). Gives address.

Link Restaurant -- <a first-class short order house. open day and night>. Gives address, simple ad.

El Paso Herald -- advertisement for buying an advertisement spot. Has a lovely border around the advertisement. <Used once as an Advertising Medium and is soon regarded as an every-day necessity.> Stands out from rest of column both due to size and the border.

The Weil Tailoring Co. -- sells fall and winter goods at <popular prices>. Has a border as well and is the same size as the El Paso Herald Ad.

Caldwell Undertaking Co -- more words than the other undertaking company in this column. Has a sketch to the right and claims that calls will be answered day and night. Provides address.

Wellington Dining Room -- $4.50 per week. Gives address.

JNO. BRUNNER. -- <fine merchant tailoring, and gents furnishing goods>. Simple ad.

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