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GEO. H. Thomas, "Tennessee Colonial and Immigration Company," Daily Union and America, November 23, 1866.

Tennessee Colonial and Immigration Company
The company, Tennessee Colonial and Immigration Company, is trying to get people to immigrate to Tennessee, so that they can live and work there. The company buys land and divides it into tracts, so they can sell it to the immigrants. <"The Company proposes to supply the demand for labor by furnishing mechanics, gardeners, and all description of laborers."> The company wants to get all kinds of new jobs spread out through the state of Tennessee. <"The profits of the company will be derived from the ultimate sale of the alternate tracts of lands retained, and from the building up of villages and towns and in places adapted to the purpose, and from the aiding of manufactories and the general development of the agricultural and mineral resources of the state.">The company was based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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